Any suggestions for a good speaker match for Naim

My sytem is NAC 282 NAP 250 HICAP and CDX2

Considering Sonus Faber Cremona, Wilson Sofia, Dynaudio S25, etc.
After many changes I like Tannot TD12 as a best match with my Naim CDS2,52,135's.There are TD12 for sale now on Audiogon,hard to find used,New over $10K,for sale $5500 I think.Mike
I'm using SBL's in front of a CDX2/82/hi/250, and after looking long and hard there's not much below $10k that's made me want to upgrade. The JM Lab Utopia Diva is incredible, but at $12,000 it bloody well should be! I do like the taller Dynaudios, and am thinking of having an at-home demo of the Contour S5.4 (around $6000) and Confidence C2 ($9000?).

Still, all of these are a huge amount more than the SBL's cost me last year and would have to be absolutely phenomenal to justify the cost. I'd recommend you look into getting a pair of SBL's just to try out for a month or two, and you can easily sell them for what you paid if you don't like them.
Forget Wilson and Dynaudio; Sonus Faber, sure.
Good Brit speakers are a good match for the Naim products: Wilson Benesch, Living Voice, ProAc.....
Nobody has mentioned Spendor? Spendor and Harbeth are supposed to be excellent matches with Naim gear.

Good luck!