Any suggestions for good obscure music?

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Doesn't have to be too obscure. But I'm looking for some new stuff to listen to. Good music that's well recorded by someone I haven't heard of. Any suggestions?
If anyone is interested I would suggest a compilation disc titled "A Nod to Bob" on Red House Records. This is a tribute to Bob Dylan by artists on the Red House label. Not one bad rendition on the cd. Although they were all written by Dylan, there are a few I hadn't heard before.
I've purchased several cds by artists found on this disc and have yet to be disappointed. I'm listening to Greg Brown "Covenant" now. He's one of the artists on the Nod to Bob. Great stuff with wonderful sonics.
Timrhu - Another obvious jump from Greg Brown and John Prine would be Richard Thompson. There's a good collection called, "Action Packed". His wife, Linda Thompson is also wonderful and their collaborations are great as well - oh yeah, son, Teddy Thompson is damn good just a few more. All in the family!
Jax2, I saw Richard Thompson live a couple years ago. It was just him and his guitar if I recall correctly. It was a jazz festival with acts going on all day. I felt like I was one of the few in the audience who knew who he was. Great set.
This is a pretty old thread and I have gotten some really good stuff from it. I think my favorite may be "Life On A String" by Laurie Anderson.
Judith Owen - Lost and found

Rock tracks transformed into Jazzy tracks particularly "Smoke on the water" and "Walking on the moon" are superb. Beautifully recorded and the disk is worthy of being used for female vocal reference for evaluating equipment.

The link at Amazon for a glimpse
Quadophile, I just ordered "Lost And Found." We'll see how it goes, I hope the music sounds as good as she looks.