Any suggestions for middle eastern music

Just watched gladiator again a d would like to find some music like that. Thanks for any suggestions
Jef Stott, the artist behind Lumin and Stellamara, recently released the cd Saracen.

Loga Torkian of Niyaz was previously involved with the middle eastern band Axiom Of Choice, any of their three albums are a good choice.

Calamus, on MA Records, has a magnificently recorded album entitled The Splendour of Al-Andalus. This is a collection of 7th to 15th century Spanish/Moorish music.
Any cd's by oud player Rabih Abou-Khalil sound great. Search amazon and allmusic. They're on the Enja label, and most covers are even beautiful.
Hamza el Din, John Berberian... for M-E starters... lots of fantastic stuff out there.

And get into some Mali Music... Habib Koite for starters