Any suggestions on coolest running monoblocks?

I am looking to upgrade my system with monoblocks in 40W-200W and $1k-$4k price range (used). Would like opinions on best sounding but coolest running amps since my room becomes unbearable after 3 hours of listing to my tube integrated. Must have balanced inputs. Is ss the only way for me to go? Thanks.
I'd go for a pair of Channel Islands D-200 monoblock amps, fits your description and budget perfectly.
30 day money back guarantee, call Dusty, you won't be sorry.
I second Rx8man's recommendation. My Channel Islands D-100s replaced a pair of Antique Sound Labs 1009 (parallel 845)tube monoblocks driving Vandersteen Model Five speakers. I was able to compare the D-100s to the NuForce Ref8s. In my system, the D-100s were a better choice.

Dusty has struck the perfect balance between solid state (control, frequency extension) and tube (imaging, holographic mids) topologies. Highly recommended!
Do you need monoblocks? I was really impressed with the Spectron Digital One amp when I owned it. There also happens to be one for sale now on Agon [please note that I am not acquainted with the seller, nor do I receive any remuneration for this post].