Any system ever moved you emotionally like this?

Below is a recent quote from the LA Times from a concert violinist after he had played a violin made by the late 1600's master, Antonio Stradivari.

"After I played the Mendelssohn Concerto on it, I cried like a baby," McHugh recalled. It was "smooth, as sweet as could be. . . . It was something I had a love affair with."

Ever been moved to tears by a system? If so, what song was playing and what comprised the system?
You're right about Michelle Kwan- she actually got some award from Cassidy's family I believe for using Fields Of Gold in her programs.
Yep, the first time I heard Avantgarde Duos at the US distributor's place - rest of system included Audiopax 88s, DcS digital stack and a Viva preamp (cannot recall the model). I had him play the live version of "Little Wing" from Hendrix In The West, and it was so moving that I teared up...this in front of a guy I'd just met less than an hour before. Amazing. That's what this hobby is all about.
I recall blasting through guitar solos with emotion that cannot be put into words. I would get wrapped up in the song so much it was like nothing else existed in the universe but the sound of the guitar and myself. Adrenaline, chills up your spine, heart pounding, heavy chested take your breath away, physically and emotionally draining, and no it wasn't cardiac arrest. It was euphoric.

As for tears, who me, never, it was something in my eye !!!

Music is magic
Japanese guitarist Masayoshi Takanaka's version of Santana's "Samba Pati" I heard this version before the orignal and couln't beleive the difference in technique. Takanaka plays in the style of Carlos, but is faster, cleaner and more emotional.