Any Tekton users in UK???

I keep reading rave reviews about these speakers.

Tekton don’t have a distributor in UK or Europe.

Just wondered if anyone in UK has managed to get hold of a pair?

.......and are they as good as they say?
This is the fourth Tekton thread on the front page of the forum. You couldn’t ask this question in one of the other open threads? 
Just call Or email Tekton and see what they can do for you.  Great speakers! 
I ordered a set of Double Impacts on 12-31-18, cant wait to get them.  Haters gonna hate, pretty sure none of them have Tektons.  They spent much more on their speakers.  They are big and heavy so by the time you got them shipped over seas they still would be cheaper than a lot of other brands.
waltersalas, and (weirdly) a handful of trolls pop up from time to time to offer nothing but a cupful of snark... 

I also don't understand the desire some audiophiles have to badmouth this company. But they certainly do it every chance they can get. Perhaps Eric's marketing may have melted some of the audiophile snowflakes into a puddle of anger? He did say after all that his speaker design in theory, has made every other high fidelity loudspeaker on earth obsolete (LOL). Anyway, they make a wonderful product. I thoroughly enjoy the sigma's in my system.