any thoughts?

Thinking of buying a well cared for one owner California Audio Labs Delta Transport. It will replace my dead EAD T1000. The owner is asking 400.00 and it is 28 years old. Would I be better off buying a new 700.00 transport, Audio Lab?


I don’t think it is prudent to pay 400 for a 28 year old player. Others have provided sufficient reasons for this assessment about a player of this vintage.

Moving right along, $700 is a good workable number. Others on this esteemed forum have spoken about Tascam. I had not heard of it, but on a little investigation I reckon they seem pretty good value and quality. Features galore - like, recording, and other bells and whistles.

OK, about the third edit - confusing, going in circles - the prior and out of production model, 900, did not have balanced connections, The one I link to in the next sentence does have balanced. If that kinda thing rocks ya boat.

This one is about USD 600, a relatively new model I think.

Official international site.

Whatever, just sayin’. I know nothing, and even less about Audio Lab.

The only circumstances I would consider this is if you have cast iron proof that the laser was replaced very recently. But given that transport's age, lasers for it have probably been unavailable for ages.

It make far more sense to buy a new transport.

Dump cds ripto a hard rd drive and gowith Roon superior experience and if you purchase theright gear a modern server will sound far better 

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