Any Thoughts?



Oh I don’t know? Catchy pop songs and because she promotes Capital One, which is like…the best credit card if you’re trying to build credit. If I had the opportunity for a Make-A-Wish it’d probably be s’mores and champagne with my best friends (Jack and Tom - HUGE fans) and Taylor around a campfire. The stories she must have while growing up on a tree farm…priceless, aewarden. Absolutely priceless (happy face emoji).

I had the thought that one way to distinguish an audiophile/high-end audio system from a mid-fi one is that when you're in another room and hear the audiophile system playing a good recording of an acoustic instrument or ensemble, it sounds like they could actually be there in the other room.  I don't hear that with lesser systems.

I wasn't sure this was worth starting a thread about, but it's more germane than most of the other comments here, even if some are humorous.