Any thoughts on a solid hickory platform under my tt

I have access to some beautiful 2" thick hickory butcher block instead of maple any thoughts on vibration control vs maple 
I think there is absolutely no way to predict the end result without trying it.  Some tables, especially the Linn, are tremendously affected by what they sit on and others are not.  Plus, it's not about damping per-se.  It's about what your ears prefer.  That's why some people prefer not to use record clamps - they feel the sound is too dead without the little bit of resonance created by an unclamped record.  IMO, worry less about damping and more about what sounds good to your ears.  Good luck. 
i was just curious , i have a vpi classic jmw 10 and a micro benz / ace also 
I agree with chayro, no way to predict but butcher block maple is what I choose so I guess I like it’s sonic signature.

McMaster Carr has butcher block food prep sheets, thick ones, up to 2.25” if I remember correctly.   Cheap as anything since it’s not audiophile related.   One sheet would supply a system and perhaps a friends as well.