Any thoughts on Pass X150.8 ?

I don't see any reviews or impressions of this amp. Any thoughts?
You could e-mail Pass Labs and ask them specifically. But I don't think that's too demanding a load for the pass amp.
I owned a Pass X350.5 for a few years. I then demoed a X350.8 and I ended up keeping the .5 .
To me, the .8 series is less lively compared to the .5 version.

Hi everyone

Pass labs amps are really great in my opinion, I feels it’s possibly their best products out of everything they build. Their phono preamps are very good as well, their line preamps not so much. I have a close friend who owns a hifi store and I’ve heard just about every amp they make, they’re all good. In my opinion, there’s just something magical with their class A amps. I’ve owned their xa30.8 for a little over five years now and I still can’t believe how good that thing sounds. If you’ve never heard one in your system, you owe it to yourself to bring one home and listen to it for at least 3-5 days without turning it off if your local dealer will let you if you’re thinking of buying a new amp and it’s in the budget. It’s awesome.

@scothurwitz my dealer actually has XA30.8 and offered a demo (but under the condition i buy it or a higher end amp).

Does it really take days to sound optimal? I would like to keep the amp off unless I Am using it.
I have owned a XP12 and now a XP 22 pre-amp.  

I've owned many pre-amps over the years.  I have to say the Xp12 was in the very good category.  It's quiet, neutral etc.  But, I think there are others in that price range that aren't better or worse, but different and I won't go as far to say the XP 12 is special.  It's very good.

The XP22, for the money is excellent.  I consider it to be in that "special" category for it's price range.  I also consider the 250.8 to be "special".  

Depending on the speakers I was driving...

I would do a XP22 and 150.8 over a XP12 and 250.8.  Unless I absolutely needed the extra power of the 250.8.

But the XP22 and 250.8... Man I love this combo.  I do know that many at Pass consider the 250.8 to be a sweetspot also.