Any tips on stripping high gauge wire?

I am planning on changing male RCA plugs on RB 600 tonearm from stock Neutrik to WBT Nextgens.I have a Radio Shack wire stripper that goes from 8 to 18 gauge.I suspect that tonearm wire is even thinner than that.How should i proceed?My rack space prohibits me from making any mistakes ,i can only do one take on wire stripping, otherwise if i cut several times the cable wouldn't reach female RCAs of my phono stage.I appreciate your advices in advance.Thanks.
Buy a wire stripper that goes to 30 gauge wire. It will be cheaper than sending your RB600 back to rega if attempts with an exact-o-knife go wrong :-)
The only sure way to avoid nicking the copper (or worse) is to use a thermal stripper, but the insulation material would need to be suitable.