Any tubes currently manufactured in the US, Japan or Germany?

Just curious. This looks interesting, I wonder if we may see something like this in the future


Just recently got a pair of Western Electric 300B tubes, made in the state of Georgia....

I guess I would add what does it matter. The design trumps the manufacturing process. A good developer will do the due diligence of the manufacture and conduct follow up quality control checks. So I do not see where this takes place matters. A good tube is a good tube. Actually sad that what you show in your link is the first time in many years anyone has even hinted at upgrading the ancient tech of tubes. Guess we can get a little excited but not over optimistic.


Definitely yes, we’ll see something like this in the future. Compare to modern electronic technology manufacturing of vacuum tubes is not more complicated. The only thing is needed is inquiry for it. The market is focusing even small demands now. 

Sophia Electric are made in China

KR and EAT are made in the Czech Republic

WE are made in the US

Takatsuki are made in Japan

Elrog are made in Germany