Any user of Abbey Road Cables or Moving air ?

Interested in their speaker cables and interconnects.

Tks for info.
I assume you must have either bought these cables or not by now.

My set up consists of a Lavardin Amplifier with Yamaha NS1000M speakers.

I used the speaker cables and my initial impression was that they were in fact quite warm, with a lot of body. In my sustem it sounded a bit too heavy and plodding. In addition to this I was dissapointed with a lack of air and detail.

When I put my DNM precision cable back in the sytem it sounded like the amp could now control the speaker drivers so to speak. Please note that DNM cables are well known to work very well with the Lavardin IT amplifier by reason of their low capacitance and high resistive load.

The DNM was cleaner, with better resolution as well. It didn't have the body of the ABBEY ROAD REFERENCE, and the ABBEY ROAD was warmer up top.

There is a major caveat in my review though. I am of the view that the ABBEY ROAD will work better with a more powerful, or higher current amplifier like a KRELL or a high powered valve amp, as they would probably handle the capacitance a fair bit better.

If you have the chance borrow the cables.