Any users of Teresonic Clarison speaker cables?

I am in the process of upgrading my speaker cables from Xindak FS-2 (with xindak jumpers) and looking at several options. Recently auditioned Auditorium 23 which were very musical yet detailed.

Also came across a few review of Teresonic Clarison describing them very favourably. I will not be able to audition the Clarison cables so looking for feedback from real users out there would like to share.

Many thanks

The silver or 24K gold are both outstanding, better IMHO then the Nordost Vahalla's.
I believe that Beatster was asking about Teresonic's Clarison speaker cables, not their silver or gold interconnects.
I recently acquired a pair these speaker cables and they are simply outstanding with my Reynaud Offrande Supreme v2 speakers. They have significantly improved treble presence and clarity as well as bass definition and slam. Mid-range was and continues to be excellent. Resolution and PRAT are both great too!