Any vets among the Audiophiles here?

With the anniversary of D-Day, and Flag day taking place recently there has been a lot of thought given to the people who fought and in many cases died to our freedom. I don't just mean in the US.

Keeping those things in mind I was wondering if we have any vets here. I know Slappy was in the service, and look what it did to him!!!: ) I don't know if you want to mention it here, but I want to take a moment to thank you for the service you provided to your country.

All of the freedoms we have including the chance to simply sit around and listen to music was won for all of us.

Thank You!
I know what you mean, Pettyofficer. Looks like you got around pretty good.

While I did not get to the Pacific, my tour in West Germany allowed me to explore Europe and the Med.

Those stationed at Wueschheim AS were a pretty close-knit group of men and women. I don't know that I have ever experienced a better sense of community and camaraderie than the three years I spent there.
Still can't get over just how lucky we really are in this Country, Finsup. Even with a Recession, Unemployment, Housing Market the way it is. Most of the people in this World get by with 1/10th of the Living Standard that we Americans have. We are truly Blessed in this Country.
Welcome to the Audiogon Audio Club, Rok2id. Your experiences in real and exciting advancements in Audio will be greatly appreciated here. Feel free to submit your Input anytime. I am not being sarcastic at all, I am being sincere as a Vet can be. The more that I learn about this Hobby, the more I discover how much more I have yet to learn. The Man who made my PS-1000 Headphones, Joe Grado, was a Sonar Man in the U.S. Navy. It is a small World where Veterans are concerned, welcome to the club. So what kind of Stereos are they using in Germany? Are you still in contact with any of your old freinds from Germany?
I served 4 years right out of high school like many of my generation. It was either enlist in a branch of my choosing or be drafted. I didn't agree with the war, again like many of my generation. I still don't agree with the war. No disrespect to vets, but the bigger question is why has America been at war for almost my entire life, coming up on some 55 years now? If one includes Korea and WWII that's almost 70 years of continuous war.

I lean towards the conservative side of things, having spent my entire vocational life in public service. However, one would be hard pressed to look back over ones life and not see a pattern at work. Eisenhower warned this day could come. I hate to say it, but the big war machine of the MIC has led this country into one needless war after another and for what? One has only but to follow the money trail to find the answer to that. America could use a course correction rather than sending more youth to die or become injured for life in vain. As anyone could see during the last administration the troops were used but when push came to shove they weren't supported abroad, or by the administration once they arrived home battered and injured. Support the troops by bringing them home. That's my .02