Any vets among the Audiophiles here?

With the anniversary of D-Day, and Flag day taking place recently there has been a lot of thought given to the people who fought and in many cases died to our freedom. I don't just mean in the US.

Keeping those things in mind I was wondering if we have any vets here. I know Slappy was in the service, and look what it did to him!!!: ) I don't know if you want to mention it here, but I want to take a moment to thank you for the service you provided to your country.

All of the freedoms we have including the chance to simply sit around and listen to music was won for all of us.

Thank You!
Leave it to me to shine a flashlight of reality check and ruin a perfectly good fantasy, aka, a gov't run amuck.

It may only be my experience, but Caveat Emptor's share something in common with dictator's...each has a short shelf life with those they attempt to rule, control, or dictate to...especially to former vets who've served both their country and their community vocationally their entire lives.

Finsup, unbeknownst to you, you're addressing a vet in a free speech public forum, who also happens to be a retired law enforcement official that spent his entire career having no idea it was illegal to go off topic in an audio forum.

Thank you for enlightening least of all me, and thank you for your service as well.

And might the record reflect that I've nothing but gratitude for the 4 years I spent serving and never expressed otherwise. I'm of the belief it's far more patriotic and honest to point out a truth than it is to wave flags and romanticize over a past life whilst ignoring what's actually happening now.
Coltrane1, I know you are a vet; why would I thank you for your service othewise? As far as public forums, yes, you are free to add your comments; just as I am free to ask they stay on topic. I honestly don't know why you think there is a lot of flag-waving or romanticizing going on here or that you need to shine a light on anything other than your service (by that, I mean highlight your service).

Anyway, I am outta here for now. This has gone way off topic from the original OP's question.

Best to you, Coltrane1. After all, anyone who is a vet, retired law enforcement, and who owns an Akita, well, that's pretty cool.
government run amuck??? i didn't know there had been a coup d'etat or do you mean the one the american people elected?
I think that the Coup D'etat is the one that Coltranel, and Macrojack are proposing. Of course with them conveniently in charge, instead of that interfering Constitutional Mandate! I will take a Constitutional Mandate any day over a Coltranel/Macrojack Mandate, perhaps I might have just a little bit more Freedom that way. You guys want to rule over people, perhaps I can recommend you overthrowing a Caribbean Island somewhere! Just leave me with my Constitutional Rights that I served 20 years to protect! I think that I have EARNED it!
Actually I was referring to the gov't the people didn't elect, but what's it matter, it's now am I. Best to all!