Any Vienna acoustics love out there? Anyone even still using them?

Don't hear much about them anymore.  I ask because I moved my Bach Grands from the living room (where they don't get much use) down into my basement main listening room today.  Wanted to hear them with my Hegel h360, which I have never done.  I was quickly reminded why I bought them in the first place.  Great imaging/center image and instrument separation, excellent soundstage, sweet midrange.  Warm, full sound you can listen to all day long.  Can a speaker be on the warm side and still detailed?  If so, I would say these fit the bill.  Not the best for dynamics or that 'live' feeling, but that's not what I bought them for.   

Anyway, interested in anyone's VA experience in general.
Very well built, finish is amazing.
  Wish I had the Beethoven grands. 
   On list of unaffordable items to buy
I remember those speakers… they were very good.

“Can a speaker be on the warm side and still detailed?“

Yes… and importantly so can a system. In my view it should. If a system highlights the detail too much it becomes too analytical and takes the focus off the music and puts it on details. This topic has popped up elsewhere… but when you go to the symphony you are not immediately shocked my the amount of detail… it is all there, but not spotlighted. 

It has taken me over forty years to finally get that balance right so the music comes first and the detail is there with appropriate emphasis and warm natural sounding.
Well now, there is a little love.  :-)
Same as big greg that they are not my go-to anymore.  Really enjoying my LRS ride right now.  Two totally different flavors.  But I am having fun with the old Bach Grands.  So much so that I might look into one of their bigger models.  Almost went for the Mozarts years ago.  No dealers near me carrying VA anymore.  
Thanks for the replies
I have Mahlers "upstairs" and love them. I knew nothing about them before i stumbled on this pair.  With a little attention they are extraordinarily transparent.  And have real bass extension.  Can be very room / setup dependent and are finicky about being driven - they reveal what they are given, good or bad.
as to detail vs warm. never confuse an over-ly forward treble with detail. It just creams it at you, like SNL's version of closed captioning for that hearing impaired. real detail comes from resolution, a lack of maskng resonances, and a very low noise floor.
The "rising treble makes for details" school is why i hate so many MC cartridges and in fact speakers in general.  yes I'm talking to you Sonus Faber.