Any Vienna acoustics love out there? Anyone even still using them?

Don't hear much about them anymore.  I ask because I moved my Bach Grands from the living room (where they don't get much use) down into my basement main listening room today.  Wanted to hear them with my Hegel h360, which I have never done.  I was quickly reminded why I bought them in the first place.  Great imaging/center image and instrument separation, excellent soundstage, sweet midrange.  Warm, full sound you can listen to all day long.  Can a speaker be on the warm side and still detailed?  If so, I would say these fit the bill.  Not the best for dynamics or that 'live' feeling, but that's not what I bought them for.   

Anyway, interested in anyone's VA experience in general.
I've got pairs of Bach and Mozart Grands.  I got them for super cheap when Best Buy dropped them 10+ years ago.  The Mozarts are currently serving as computer speakers on each side of my desk.  Powered by a Creek 5350SE and an Audioquest Dragonfly DAC.  This is a great setup.  The small bass drivers lack punch and definition in big rooms and from a normal distance.  This isn't a problem nearfield, though.  

I was told that VA are designed to sound best in smaller, more solidly built rooms.  That is what is most common in Europe.  In my experience they are extremely room and placement sensitive.  They can be very satisfying in the right situation and really bad in the wrong one.  They're not neutral.  
Just had another great session with the Bachs.  Again, the imaging is fantastic.  They will be staying downstairs for a while I think!  Amazing little speakers IMO.

Thanks again
Presently running Vienna Acoustics The Music speakers. A full sounding speaker with a tremendous sound stage. They do best in a big room several feet from the wall, and sure excel on female voices and jazz. A great sounding speaker, however it needs to be set up properly.
The “Tweeter” store era VA’s beethovens found their way home where they reside in my ht room now, but for 10 years they were in the listening room, (read basement:). They have better resolution than the strauss and are awesome with jazz. The speaker is obviously tuned by ear instead of a mic and with the right music really makes magic, but they can’t play loud and the recessed midrange gets frustrating with some music. I missed the chance to land a pair of “the Music” for $11k locally because fellow owners told me my h360 wouldn’t have enough juice to drive them. ‘Shoulda tried.