Any Zydeco recommendations?

I recently drove from New Orleans to Monroe, La., and was reminded of this music on the rental car radio. I'd like to explore music in this style. Please give me some help with material that is available- I particularly like live recordings.

Thanks in advance for all suggestions.

Ultimate Zydeco a collection from Mardi Gras is a nice cross section of authentic music from both traditional and newer performers, 17 cuts most really good, highly recommended. BTW Tried Buckwheat Zydeco's" Some like it hot". Except for the first song not really that interesting; too derivative for my taste,
The Cajun All-Stars. This has Sonny Landreth on guitar and Michael Doucet from Beausoleil on fiddle to name a couple. Great instrumental Cajun/Zydeco music and excellent sound.
Boozoo Chavis - Lake Charles Atomic Bomb - an old Rounder recording by one of the 2-steppinest masters of the green bean.