Anybody added a full vinyl setup to system? And?

Has anybody added a full analog playback to there system recently ?  ( turntable, cartridge, phono amp, cables) 

and what was your verdict ?     And Compared to digital?

I did mine and am very happy 
LP’s are WAY quieter than expected , at my price point. ( Project Classic , Hana SL, Musical Surroundings Phenomona 2 )
I’ve found cables made a bigger difference than expected 

I find digital and analog close, but , just , sound different . I need to play lots more albums to complete compare and contrast . Recording quality is way over the place 

I'm heading in the analog direction. I have my digital side dialed in. Emm Labs DV2 directly to my Classe' CA M600's. Just ordered a Technics 1200G, it will be matched with a VDH Grail and DDT2 Special. My problem is this. I'll need to put a preamp in the chain and I don't want any pre between the DV2 and my amps. So with my infinite wisdom the only thing I could come up with is keep my XLR connected  to the amps when running digital, connect an extra set of XLRs that are connected to the preamp (Classe' Sigma SSP in digital bypass) for my analog. Connect and disconnect accordingly. Passive switches suck! I do have the amps positioned for easy access to the backs, with both sets of XLRs at easy reach. Most of my listening will be digital, my intention is to dabble in the analog. Its not like I'll be switching all the time. No other real options? Is there?
Yes! Love my digital system for streaming and cd's but have put it on the shelf, along with HT to minimize chords and clutter. 3 years ago I purchased my first TT, a Technics 1200 GR. I had no vinyl. Today I own Luxman PD444, Victor TT101 along with crazy collection of vintage arms and carts. I enjoy putting on an album and listening beginning to end. Just hit 700 albums in three years. I'm addicted!
Bought a MoFi StudioDeck with the MoFi cart that it came with and an iPhono 2 with a linear power supply from AliExpress. This system was superior to my digital. Upgraded to an AT-OC9/III cart which was major upgrade. From this experience I upgraded to:
Triangle Art Concerto with upgraded platter
Triangle Art speed controller
Reed 2A tonearm
Triangle Art Zeus cart
Chinese all-tube phono stage
Hashimoto SUT

This setup was a very large upgrade again. It's greatly superior to my digital system which composes of the following:
Custom audio PC (linear PSU, isolated SSD, battery-powered Paul Pang V3 USB card)
Yggdrasil Analog 2 DAC
Yaqin B-2T and sometimes a Freya as preamps

Before the Yggdrasil I had tried various DACs. The vinyl system was so much better than the digital I had to figure out if digital was worth continuing to perusing for serious listening. The main difference was dynamics: the vinyl setup produced greatly superior lifelike dynamic swings. It's very pleasing. The only area the digital was superior in was bass definition. When I added the Yggdrasil the gap finally closed, but only partially. The digital is closer but is still clearly beaten by the vinyl. Additionally I'm sure the cheap Chinese phono is holding it back. How much more do I have to spend to get digital up to par, let alone beat, my vinyl? If I have to spend $5-8k on a DAC what would happen if I spent that much on a better cart? Realistically is the vinyl always going to be ahead?
Adding a turntable can be wonderful because you have access to a lot of recordings that never made it to digital. The main thing is to find the great records to play that sound good and that is the battle. The recordings are all over the place but some of the best ever are on the command record label done in fine recording studios in New York. Fine studios also did recordings for other labels and they are still going after three generations.