Anybody dealt with

I just thought I'd see if anyone had dealt with these folks. An Audiogon member by the handle of Lunac has a pair
of speakers listed and gives as the contact info in the add. Their site looks reasonably legit but the typical marketing hype (new! below dealer cost!) always makes me a little cautious :). Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Now if I can just decide what speakers I really want... Guess I'll post a request for opinions on that in a separate thread :).
The last item on that site in the misc. section is the best. If I could afford it I would buy it now for my wife!
A true Levinsonn SPECIAL,,,,,,,.........
The owner of Higherfi is Chris Moon, previously of moon audio.  I bought a MagLev table from him that was supposedly able to buffer vibrations into turntables and other audio equipment weighing under 80Lbs.  I paid $540.00 for item to be delivered, and wow ! was I shocked at how shoddy this thing was!  The pistons would get stuck at an angle preventing them from "levitating".  After contacting Mr. Moon, he explained  that his ebay add clearly stated "no Returns or Refunds".  My bad I missed that.  He then  generously offered me an RMA number with 20% restocking fee if I paid shipping.  I shipped it back and he refused signature.  Item was returned to me again.  Be real careful buying  junk from this shady Chris Moon character.  I learned my lesson. Hope  this helps somebody else.