anybody ever heard of the Innuos ZENtih music server?

these sound interesting to me. does anybody have any experience with the Innuos products?
thanks, I am supposed to be able to audition a ZENtih in the next week or so. hopefully it pans out.

Well, I attended the show and the three models were there to compare through Oppo headphones and Chord headphone amp/DACs. As I expected, the bottom unit, the ZEN Mini was well outclassed, but the Zen and Zenith were close, to be frank. The Zenith definitely had more detail and air, it sounded more open, so I will be going for that. It wasn't a massive difference however.

 A point of interest, the company will upgrade the storage at cost, so I will go for the 1TB unit and then for an extra TB if necessary, later. The Innuos rep on the stand was very helpful. He suggested 1500 Cds/TB with WAV and just over 2000 with Flac. It may not be possible to add to storage without returning the unit to the UK. You would need to check that with the US distributor.