Anybody have experience with "Janis sub woofers"

I have had a pair of powered 12" Janis subs in my dedicated two channel system for 20 years. The embarrassing truth is I don't really understand them,(never did) They each have a crossover /100 watt amp. They are crossed over at 100Hz and are are set up and in use for Right and left Channel connection. They where built in New York City by a company called John Marovski Audio. The instructional manual that came with them makes me dizzy,(it doesn't take much)It talks about, and offers settings for phase correctness etc. I can hear a change when I switch them off, but I don't know if I'm getting the most out of them. I would appreciate any council offered.
I used to own a Janis W1 with the separate amp/crossover box----

the subwoofer from what i recall was meant to compliment your mains almost to the point of you think they are not working/operating. If your concerns about getting the most out of them is due to not hearing them, I wouldn't worry as that is what they are supposed to be doing.
Thanks Justlisten. Yes mine are W1's as well. It seems your saying that they are not meant to call any attention to themselves, in the same way that "super tweeters" operate. Well I suppose that's whats happening. It could be I'm reacting to having two large pieces of stereo equipment hooked up to my system with controls and knobs that are (in spite of the users manual)not in my control or understandable to me. Of all the equipment I've bought,traded upgraded to etc over the years, these seem most like "the kings new clothes".I've also read in this forum that a stereo set up in sub woofers is on the wrong path. I'm wondering if I should re-configure them to operate on the right channel only?
NO! Anyone who says one sub is better than two is misinformed, assuming they are of equal quality. I can only tell my RELs are on by feeling the speaker, but they make an important contribution to the music. If you can hear a sub then it is set too loud. Remember it is a SUB woofer, intended to operate BELOW the regular woofer. It adds body to the sound but you should not be able to hear it as a separate speaker. The Sumiko site has a good guide to setting up RELs that apply to subwoofers in general.