Anybody have experience with "Janis sub woofers"

I have had a pair of powered 12" Janis subs in my dedicated two channel system for 20 years. The embarrassing truth is I don't really understand them,(never did) They each have a crossover /100 watt amp. They are crossed over at 100Hz and are are set up and in use for Right and left Channel connection. They where built in New York City by a company called John Marovski Audio. The instructional manual that came with them makes me dizzy,(it doesn't take much)It talks about, and offers settings for phase correctness etc. I can hear a change when I switch them off, but I don't know if I'm getting the most out of them. I would appreciate any council offered.
Thanks Stanwal.Very helpfull.The Sumiko site is an excellent resource on my quest to better understand my subs.
I only ran 1 Janis, but as Stanwal says, stereo subs are better. I do belive the Janis was designed/marketed to use one, the fact you have two I would consider as a bonus.

But I beleive back in the day, I was told to turn the Janis to the point you could hear it, then drop it down a notch.

sorry for my limited help, it was over 15 years ago when I used the Janis.
I have substantial successful experience with installing the Janis subs. Was one of John's top installing dealers in the early 80s.

If you're interested, e-mail me.