Anybody have personal experience with a Troles Graveson Subs?

After listening to JLs, RELs, and some really lousy el cheapos I'm tempted to build my own subs. Mostly because it would be fun to interact with a speaker in a micro level and learn a lot about them.  Then there is the cost:  It appears that you can build a Graveson 12" sub for about $950. So, is there anybody out there in Audiogon Land that has done this or heard them?  I'm really interested in what you have learned. 

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DIYaudio is a really great place for builders, but hard to go wrong with a DSP based 12" Scanspeak sub. :)

The beauty of the DSP based plate amp is how well it will integrate with your room with a little measurement and attention to detail.

Not familiar with Troels subs, but have heard several of his designs, and they have always been impressive.

I have heard GR Research’s open baffle subs, and they are among the best I’ve heard. As much as I love my enclosed subs, there is nothing quite as natural as OB subs.

Nice thing is, you can get them with flat packs, so there is not cutting. Just glue 'em and screw 'em.