Anybody heard new Audio Phyisc Scorpio's???

Seemsm like new version of Soarks,Tempo's and others with side drivers have improved them and they have added Padua and Avanti.In recent yeras past ther refernece styandard for vbalue was the Virgo's and I wonmder if now they have that same "best bang for buck" placement ion line or one could save some dough and near ther performance with another model or pay more and get more than you paid for interms of value in that line.Are the Virgo's still it in medium size room?Seems like they almost might be headed down the B&W path where there are too many model- if that's possible to have too many products which confuse the matter.
You know that window that asks you 'submit now', or 'preview first'? That is meant to be an opportunity for you to proof-read your posts.
Ist ratherd irritatng to read postds with sosmany misstaks.
I was recently on the AP website, which they recently redid, and there is no Padua there. The old site had information about the Padua, which I read because I was shopping AP speakers.
I have always wondered if english is a second language for Chazzbo, or is he just lazy? At least I am not the only one who has noticed this....