Anybody heard the new Audiolab 9000CDT yet?

Couldn't find any reviews of this yet, so was wondering if any of you had heard it. Quite new, so maybe patience is required. Apart from the 9000's USB input for playing digital files, I'm particularly interested to hear how/if its sound differs from the 6000CDT, which I once owned but couldn't seem to fall in love with. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


And now, just to make things that much more interesting, there's the Schiit Urd to throw into the mix. The Audiolab 9000CDT and the Schiit Urd have features that won't be that useful for me, but they both seem to elevate CD playback significantly. Making the choice will require some real thought, but right now I'm leaning towards the Urd because it can output via AES/EBU, which is the only unoccupied input in my DAC (Sonnet Morpheus). I see I posted my original inquiry way back in January. Things move slowly here...

Check out this thread about the $729 Shanling ET-3 CDT, preferred over the more expensive Schiit Urd.

Shanling ET-3 CD Transport

So if I got it right, you were comparing the Cambridge into the AMR as opposed to the 6000 into the Morpheus?  If so, I think you were hearing more the dac than the transport. The AMR was a great player with a strong bottom end. Is the Sonnet broken in?  

Might not be clear from my original post and the follow-up, but the 6000CDT was running through the AMR DAC, so I could do a direct comparison between it and the Cambridge Audio CXU with the same DAC. I had already parted company with the 6000CDT when I switched to the Morpheus.