Anybody here listened to Daniel Hertz Speakers? What did you think?

100db efficiency on the first watt and hand made in Italy- that sounds lovely. But how do they sound? Nobody around here (Charleston to Myrtle Beach SC area) has any that I can listen to. 

What is Daniel Hertz' "house sound"?  I also notice he cut the prices substantially. They are almost affordable now. 

Any guidance would be appreciated. 

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There are several YouTube videos about them.

Maybe you can get some insight as to their ’sound’ from those.

I also see it’s Mark Levinson’s company...

Better yet make up your own mind.

That's why Danie Hertz offers a 30-day risk-free in-home trial on all our audio equipment. 


The M1 system sounds spectacular. Most "systems" i have heard in that price bracket and above sound fake. The M1 should have a certain kind of appeal for musicians with deeper pockets, imo..

Is it priced too high? To me, it is, but so is every Wilson and Magico and Schweikert in that price bracket that also sounds fake! The latter is for the thrillseekers.

I don't believe there is a DHertz house sound.

@ Deep;  I heard a set of Alexx Vs driven by 125K in Burmister gear last month. I was so disappointed. $350K for a rig that failed my most basic test tune Paradise by Sade. It sounded cold and clinical. I was told by my ARC dealer that Burmister was really good for electronica but not much else. Apparently it's a frozen Northern  European thing. The Wilsons were deeply disappointing. Super detailed and elegantly constructed and finished but cold cold cold. I felt like I was in my OR.