anybody running dual NAD C298's?

currently have one of these amps attached to pair of Dynaudio Special Forties

wondering if there is significant benefit to running two C298's?


in my experience bridging rarely yields better sound unless you need the power… NAD no exception - i sold a fair bit over the years….

best to you on your journey 

its not bridging according to NAD

evidently they were designed for this purpose


I have had my NAD298 running in tandem with an NAD 275BEE for about two years now. The 298 feeds a pair of Martin Logan Motion 40's while the 275 feeds two Martin Logan 35XTi's. Front end preamp is a Rogue RP-1.

My experience is that the A/B Class AMP 275 is more expressive and matches up better with the 35XTi's because the Folded Motion XT tweeter is bigger on the bookshelf sized 35Xti's than the Motion 40 towers. For a time period, I had the D-Class 298 hooked up to the 35Xti's, but the amp overwhelmed the bookshelf speakers with power - just as one would suspect judging from specifications alone.

What I get out of this setup is plenty of power with great bass (no subs) with virtually no heat. (The 275BEE gets slightly warm at best). 


A simple search of "NAD" (on Agon) results in 19K+ responses, while "Yamaha" nets only 12K+ responses.

That, in and of itself, suggests that NAD is a more popular topic and brand than Yamaha.

Just sayin'.