Anybody tried 20th Anniversary Purist cables?

Any reviews, tests against other top of the line IC's, Speaker cables?

I've heard that they are really very good (also very expensive) but how do they perform in different systems, against other cables?
I just had a pair of the Purist Annivesary (Aqueous?) IC's in my sytem and didn't like them very well. I was expecting big things becouse I have been so impressed with the other Purist stuff I have tried.

I currently have Purist Venustas Bi-wire skr. cables and IC's. ALso running Hovland MG II's on my TT, and Audioquest Sky on CD player. I found the Anniversary's to be closed in sounding with little detail, or resolution. Bottom end was lacking too........ Sorry, but they just didn't work for me.

Muratc I have only heard the Purist Aqueous Anniversary cables; have not heard the Purist Anniversary as they are way too expensive for me. I'm sure Albert Porter will comment on the Purist Anniversary cables; I believe he has them in his system. From what I have been told they are about as good as it gets.
I have not heard the new anniversary cables, but I have heard all of the other better cables that Purist makes. I only have one pair of Opis ICs in my current system, but even as expensive as Purist cables are, they are worth the money. People like Mapleleafs3 are always shooting off their mouths, but never have anything to offer the discussion. I hope it's cold up there.
"I just had a pair of the Purist Annivesary (Aqueous?) IC's in my sytem and didn't like them very well"

Chris, I am very interested in this. Between which components did you use the Aqueous? Are your comments in direct comparison to the Venustas in the same location?

I had a pair of one meter IC's between my CD player and Preamp. Other IC's I compared them to where: Purist Venustas, Audioquest Sky, and Cardas golden cross. I prety much liked the cables in this order too........... I am still sold on the Venustas. I think they outperformed the others hands down. Like I always say though....... This was in my room, in my sytem, with my music. So YMMV...