Anybody tried 20th Anniversary Purist cables?

Any reviews, tests against other top of the line IC's, Speaker cables?

I've heard that they are really very good (also very expensive) but how do they perform in different systems, against other cables?
Thanks guys. You both have been a great help. Like all cable matching issues it sounds like there's no free lunch here. A careful selection of cables is needed even in the highest echelon of IC products.
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You cannot get performance from anything even close to the price and Purist was a huge success years before AudiogoN came along, or Albert porter began to sell them.

The misinformation from Stanhifi continues to fly...
Stan, your total inability of saying anything useful and even remotely constructive is truly amazing. Now tell us. . . are you suffering from a genetic disorder? Or is it contageous? Should we be concerned or are we safe? Is it related to Bird Flue?
Does anyone have experience with the speaker cables. I have Venustas and Aqueous Anniversary IC's and am curious to hear someone's take on the speaker cables.