Anybody tried 20th Anniversary Purist cables?

Any reviews, tests against other top of the line IC's, Speaker cables?

I've heard that they are really very good (also very expensive) but how do they perform in different systems, against other cables?
Try some Cat 5 cable triple runs twisted around each other put in a teflon tube then shrink wrap. Go bare wire. Use Caig to clean the terminals and bare wire. Pretty simple but also pretty darn good. Us them in my HT system.
Is Cat wire somehow related to Bird flu???????

For a review of the Purist Venustas speaker cables you can check out my review.

The Cat 5 cable is fine as long as you don't care about the sound of the system and have about 100 hours to spend braiding the junk. It doesn't sound all that good and takes A LOT of time. Otherwise it's a great option. sigh, roll of the eyes, oh brother...!
Tonyptony, high quality cat 5 cable is very cappable of being good speaker Cable. Its intended use requires much greater transfer quality than just any cable. The sheer volume its made in makes it inexspensive, not chaep or bad sounding. Its a great Cable the scares many people.It is labour intensive to make, but hte results warrant it if thats your think.
You can engineer speak all you want. Theroy and reality are not allways the same thing. Takes an open mind.
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