Anybody tried Steve Blinn's Isoped footers?

I have been looking for Stillpoints at reasonable price on the Gon for the lest few weeks. Generally speaking, used Stillpoints are at 75% of retail pricing, which is still a very expensive tweak IMHO. I have read many positive reviews on these products and I am sure that owners of these Stillpoints are very happy with their product.

However, my project consisted of installing 8 brand new Ultra 5 Stillpoints on Mye Sound speaker stands used for my refurbished Apogee Duetta Signature speakers. Started looking at market price for these (8 * $700 = $5,600) which made no sense to me. Was ready to compromise with the Stillpoints SS version (8 * $250 = $2,000). Then I saw Steve Blinn's ad on a new series of footers named Isoped.

Gave Steve a call to get some general information on the Isoped and decided to start conservatively purchasing 3 mid-size Isoped to test these on my Benchmark DAC. The idea was to spend a minimal amount of money and see where it would get me. If they did not work out to my taste for any reasons, I could always resell them at 50% of my acquisition cost. So my potential loss would be of $187 (3 * $125)/2. Started listening to some of my favorite CDs and within about ten minutes concluded that I needed to purchase an additional bunch of these babies.

Essentially what you will get is slam solid and extended bass, bigger soundstage and overall increase in low-level resolution without breaking the bank. One of the best bang for the buck tweaks I purchased in a long time. The overall build quality is great.

So I am going forward with my project at basically half price (8 * $125 = $1,000). I just love competition in the marketplace. Anybody else who experienced that product? I would certainly would like to get your comments.

Disclaimer: I am a regular audiophile interested in advancing the quality of my audio system using reasonable amount of money. I have no direct or indirect interest in Steve Blinn Design company. I' m just happy when somebody brings new tweaks at a reasonable price point and wanted to share this with the Gon community.
I ordered 8 for my speakers yesterday, I will let you know what I think, when they arrive.

Good to know that you think they are good.
Hi Acman3,

I placed an order for 8 mid-size Isopeds earlier this week for my speaker stands and unexpectedly received them yesterday. Since I was in 'new year eve mode', only had a few minutes of listening. Overall, I am getting incremental better bass (tight, extended and greater deliniation) large and deep soundstage and increase in low level details. I also noticed better integration between bass/mid-bass. I think my speaker spikes were robbing me a portion of the mid-bass.

I will eventually order additional units for my external speaker Xovers and monoblocks but honestly could stick with the actual configuration since the sound is so good :-). I don't know if your primary audio source has any vibration control device, but this is where I think the Isoped magic brings the best bang fot the buck. I would rate the Isoped as 7/10 when put below a source and 4/10 under the speaker. I'm not saying that they have no impact under the speakers, just saying that I had greater impact putting these under my DAC. I think that the law of diminishing returns starts to apply, once you get the majority of your 'bad vibes' corrected by the Isopeds.

The Isoped impact really shows up on well-recorded complex musical arrangements recordings (Lana Del Ray, Florence and the Machine, Dead Can Dance, large classical orchestras, etc.).

Again these are my preliminary comments and will try to move the Isopeds under my amps and Xovers to see the impact VS having them under the speakers.