Anybody Try A5s With Pass XA30.8?

Hey Folks,

I have a 30.8 on the truck for delivery today.  It will replace a Threshold T-400 that is all class A at 150w/ch.  Since what is left of Threshold is here in Houston, I will take the T400 to them and decide whether to just have them go through it or do the upgrade they offer to a more recent Stasis circuit.

One of the other upgrades I am considering is a pair of Magico A5s.  I know some will say the extra AB power if the 30.8 is plenty, blah, blah, blah, but I am interested in hearing from someone who has actually heard the combination.

Hope you folks are well and good,

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I had the XA30.8 for  while driving Spendor D7.2 towers in a medium / large room sitting 10 feet away and there were no issues with power availability.  The 30.8 puts out 120 watts at 4 ohms and is 2-ohm stable.   

Your speakers are lower sensitivity than mine (86.5 db vs 90 db) which will be a factor as well as a 2.6 ohm impedance dip at 93Hz.  Not a miss-match on paper at least. 

Your combo will make sound and music.  Whether the Pass XA30.8 has enough to satisfy depends on your room size, how far away you listen, your musical tastes and your listening preferences. 

If your room is large and you listen at a significant distance you may have wished you asked this question before you bought the amp.     

Altec a5 is a great choice Magico will just cost a lot and be worth less every year till you get rid of them an Altec a5 would increase in value and always be enjoyable long after you have passed away.

N. Pass designed? Threshold T-400, sensible handles and connectivity, around a hundred pounds, dangerous no fluff case work not to mention still one of the most intriguing monickers ever given to an audio product. Like a big Mopar still running bias ply's. One hell of a reference. Nice to hear your keeping it.

Enjoy, right now!

Altecs are not my cup of tea.  Not interested in speakers as an investment, I want some that will sound good with the rest of my system.

Yeah, the T-400 is good stuff, but I want them to check it at least.

I listen about 12 feet from the speakers and usually less that 80DB average.

Was hoping someone has heard the A5s with the XA30.8.

BTW,  as one might expect,  the XA30.8 doesn't sound all that different from the T-400.  It's a bit more open and the bottom end is more defined and stronger.  Much of that could be the age of T-400.  Really enjoying it nonetheless.

Y'all take care:-)