Anybody using Stereovox HDSE interconnects?

If so, what do you think? (my current reference is Luminous Audio Synchestra Signature)

Also, do these come in greater than 1 meter lengths? (if so, what is the cost per additional meter?)
I have a pr. between my amp and preamp,its the most neutral cable i have,does not favor anything ,well balanced,musical,not bright not dull,just right in my system.Ive only compared it to the cables that are listed in my system,so im not sure how it would compare to your ref. or other more costly cables ,one thing that really stood out from day one is they are very quiet!wish i could be more helpful,,,
1M is $199.99, 1.5M is 249.99, 2M is $299.99 and so on .

Did you see this review?
I demoed some recently from the cable company. I thought they did sound very natural and especially nice with vocals. The only negative was that some detail was definitely lost. I listened to them quite a bit because i liked their overall presentation, but the missing info was very obvious on certain recordings. Still for $200 retail they're hard to fault.

The only thing I liked better (and quite a bit better) were the Purist Audio Musaeus's. Warm, rich, palpable with excellent bass extention but still natural sounding and still lets the details in. (at least in my system)