Anybody using tube amps to drive Thiel CS 3.7's ?

I currently use a Classe Delta 2200 and a Conrad-Johnson CT5 preamp. I'm considering a jump to a tube amp. 80-100 kohm input impedance would be nice and I'd prefer only input from those who've heard Thiels driven with tubes...Thiels are hungry for High quality power. I have a moderate sized room (21 wide by 15 long). Let me hear your advice.

These Thiel’s need an amp with grunt to sound their best, lots of current, that really means Tubes or Mosfets are not ideal. Amps that can almost double their wattage from 8ohm to 4ohm to 2ohms, would do the right thing by them.

From the Stereophile test results.

" I actually found the minimum impedance to be 2.4 ohms at 125Hz. The difference between 2.8 and 2.4 ohms is academic, either mandating use of an amplifier that has no problem delivering high currents"

Cheers George

Do you guys think VAC Signature 200IQ Monos could drive Thiel CS 3.7s pretty well ?

Tube amps are not best pairing.  The 3.7 dip to 3 and 4 ohms,  I've heard the 2.4 with Primaluna100 tubes and did not sound as good compare with a ML331.  3.7 is awesome speaker and would sound good with any amp, you just want to feed it the wattage it needs. 

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A few years ago I used a VAC 100 watt per channel stereo amp to drive Thiel CS2.4s  This combination worked well in a small room, but in my larger room (16’ x 23’) the 2.4s performed better with my Ayre VX 5/20 amp.  VAC Renaissance preamp was employed in both settings.