Anybody want to talk about the JBL studio 590?

I just got mine and all I can say is wow.....what a great affordable speaker. Just wondering if anybody here has them and what you think about them? Cheers Dick
No surprise here as JBL has been making high quality speakers for decades! I like and own some of their vintage gear (L56, L166 and 4312). And for a while had a pair of 640's. I thought Pink Floyd's DSOTM never sounded better played back over the 640's!
I have the Studio 530 stand mount version and it can embarrass a lot of speakers under 2k, including the LS50. Looks and finish though....not impressive. 
I’ve had mine for over two years and I am very happy with them. Superb sound value. True, the vinyl wrap is a bit on the dull side, and who wants plastic footers? But still, you get cast frame LF drivers, a smooth-sounding horn-loaded compression driver for the top end and very well thought-out 2 1/2-way crossover.  
Yep audio deal of the century when JBL blows them out on sale at $900 a pair. Every 3-6 months they are on sale straight from JBL. They have a 30 or 60 day free home trial too. The 590 are huge though but I like big speakers. 
When my non audiophile friends ask for speakers I pretty much default to this jbl line. The 530,580,590 are all great and really make you question spending more money. I think they are better than B&W’s 700 series for example. Much flatter and more dynamic. 
I would love to hear a pair with better quality crossover parts. 
Not on sale now but last month they were $450 each!
@james633 "I would love to hear a pair with better quality crossover parts." 
I did see on ye ol innernet that there is a guy who has upgraded the 300 and 500 series JBL's. He says it is difficult but if you got some skills and patience it is a very worthy upgrade ...