Anybody watch Steve Huff audio on the Tube?

Recently became aware that his first utube channel is Steve Huff paranormal with 1.7 million subs!  Now I know how he has enough money to buy expensive gear.  I popped over just to take a look and it's bad - real bad.  It's a shame that there are so many gullible people in the world.  And it should be a crime that those of his ilk have free reign to perpetuate this crap.   

I did enjoy some of his audio content but this guy has lost all cred with me.  Unsubscribed!


Yes - he has impressed me in the same manner - that there has never been a piece of gear here doesnt like. But, most of the gear he reviews does sound superb! And I did get a Line Magnetic integated amp he recommended, But, I had previously been impressed by their other amps.

I was unaware of his Paranormal Channel - and it does seem a bit “out there” - quite a bit! Kinda like Art Bell or George Noory on Coast to Coast AM. Not my “cup of tea” - but, apparently it is for a lot of people.

I will still view his audio reviews - but, I’ve learned to view them in that context and to confirm with others.


published reviewers’ entanglements, subtle pay-o-la and how their objectivity/integrity inevitably becomes clouded is longstanding and well known to those who have been around or in the industry for some time ... the internet and youtube is just another manifestation of the same ... it is all about trying to influence purchasers, and the economic web between manufacturers, retailers and media can be complex and somewhat hidden from view, but it is there, to be sure

old saying... when you are wondering who the sucker is in the room, it’s you... by sharing this information with us, capturing our eyeballs, who gains?  

best everyone coming here for advice and knowledge understand this, and thus take all such reviews with appropriate grains of salt ... consider it ’entertainment’ and hold on to your wallet...

Steve is a great guy. How many YouTube personalities take time to respond to email? Steve does and often with thoughtful, lengthy letters. He is passionate about gear and has had a cool life as a photographer. He even has an album cover or two on his resume. I do not judge anyone without walking in their shoes. Maybe there is something to that spirt stuff, I truly do not know and will not conclude it's crazy because a video makes me uncomfortable. If it is garbage but a good income stream, then great for him. It does not affect my life. As for him liking everything... you clearly do not listen carefully to every word or have seen and read all of his written reviews. I too have never heard anything that was garbage, save for AM radio. At our level it is simply a matter of preference. All of us have the right to prefer something over the former and if given the opportunity he has, such will happen. He speaks with passion, something that is very lacking with any other reviewer I've watched, and is transparent about what a given company has done for him in terms of discount, etc. He does not push gear like others do. He simply likes nice things and takes the time to let you know about them. There is a reason for his subs vs many other reviewers. It is not his main focus or a source of income. Sad if his other ventures lead you to conclude his camera or audio reviews hold zero weight. This very thread is part of what's wrong in the world. 

Eh, I don’t know about the "payola" accusations...

I mean sure, in the end it’s all just entertainment, but having now seen his dead celebrity talky box channel, it’s hard personally for me to believe the sincerity and passion in his audio reviews.

If Steve Guttenberg had another youtube channel dedicated to proving the earth was flat, would you even bother with his audio reviews?

Maybe if he hooked up his Fleetwood DeVille’s to his spirit box I can take him a bit more seriously?