Anybody watch the Grammys tonight?

I was too busy listening to MUSIC on my analogue rig.  Sigh.  What am I missing?
don1, couldn't agree with you more !
Only thing worse would be listening to a bunch of rightwingnut A-holes .
Didn't watch. But I did go see Richard Fountain at Steinway Hall play two beautiful pieces by this composer named Beethoven. No Grammy's for Ludwig but I think his music is going to it seems. BTW the show was free and the pianist played on a $200K Steinway treasure.  
I haven’t watched this Grammy debacle in at least 15 years. Actually, debacle is too complimentary... a complete TRAIN WRECK better describes this glorification and endorsement for bad taste, thug culture, a dumbed down society, ass shaking, lip synching. auto tuning, sexual teasing (me too speeches. you’ve got to be kidding me!), ignorant and illiterate "artists", marketing creations masquerading as singers/musicians, the total exploitation of women, dressed like strippers where gyrating is the main focus, not singing. And what are they singing? Mostly X- rated amateur rhymes that are brainwashing the already tech addicted and brainwashed, media controlled conformist kids, mostly vulgar and uneducated yahoos that support this embarrassment of an awards show. The key word being "vulgar." That means, for you young nerds and young Beyonce fans out there, that the show is abhorrent and tasteless. Even the production of the show is horrible, a miss mash of disjointed genres with no cohesion with regard to presenting performers, pathetic attempts at humor, and 20 year olds telling the world how to act and think. Yes, I read the wrap up review of this mess, just to get a sense of its ineptitude.

The sad thing is that the people who view this garbage buy into it lock, stock and barrel, and help perpetuate this desecration of music year after year, paying homage to the same cast of despicable characters that are paraded out annually to the delight of every dim witted, media controlled "music fan.
"You’ve been hoodwinked, America, and you don’t even know it. Or you just don’t care. It isn’t music, it isn’t melodious or harmonious, they aren’t artists, most of you will ever discover what good music is, and because your minds have been rewired by technology, you will never be able to evolve from your short attention span, vocal fry speaking, must be connected 24/7 existence, and therefore never know the pleasure of sitting still, listening to good music played through a good audio system.

The Grammy’s... proof positive that the moral and ethical decay of the society is in full swing, that people are getting more stupid with each passing year, and that shows like this, including all awards shows, The Voice, America Has (not) Talent, and anything hosted by that little twerp Brian Seacrest have done irreparable damage to the music industry. The Grammy’s has nothing to do with music, and everything to do with provoking and swindling gullible, ignorant people who have been brought up on crap food, a crappy education listening to crap music through their crap audio devices. In a junk culture that continuously sets the bar lower and lower, the Grammy’s represents the bottom of the barrel. It is a vulgar and crass microcosm of all that’s wrong with this country. It’s like the entire country is becoming The People of Walmart. After watching the Grammy’s, people should turn on Jerry Springer just to feel like that are getting a little culture.
Not that fond of the show either.  But if it's any consolation, most if not all of the political snivelers on the show pay 39.6% federal income tax.  That in itself makes me feel better.