anyone? anyone?

Can anyone tell me where to find a very high quality (read attractive) cabinet or something to house a 57" widescreen TV and audio componets?

All of stuff I see online and at most furniture stoes looks like crap. The only attractive pieces I've found hold 36" or smaller TVs.

Considered building it, but not sure I'm up to the task.

If we don't figure out something, I'm going to end up selling my TV and getting a direct view TV.
Custom built is about the only way to get one for big screen TV. There are some on the market, but they won't accomidate audiophile equipment. They are also very plain in appearance and are particle board covered in vinyl. I ran into the same dilemna and though I was super busy with other projects, I had to build one for myself. I am a building contractor who also does custom woodworking. I have 30 yrs exp and a love affair with wood. I can send you a photo of mine. If you are interested and if we can work out logistics ie shipping would be happy to build it for you. Where are you located?
I think these people are still in business

they make great pieces designed for your components

I have a lowboy with a 36 inch proton on it

Check out Can-Am products. Modular steal contruction with textured finishes (lots of colors). Rock solid, reasonble price. Have modules for components as well as sources and solid laminate tops.
I can make you an entertainment center to house your big screen ....I live in wisconsin and have been building high-end custom cabinets for 8 years...go ahead and e-mail me at