+1, @oddiofyl 

That’s been there focus from get go, make good sounding products and back it up with lifetime support to end users. I am one of the early adopters of Aurender’s and yet to find another brand that checks all the boxes when it comes to seamless integration with 3rd party DAC’s like Merging and MSB. 

At least the Grace streamer supports pandora, amazon, Iheart and numerous others. Yea, not ultra hi-res, but I don’t really care about that sort of thing. For 179 dollars, the thing works perfectly.

It has DLNA which would allow one to use the JPLAY app to stream Qobuz at full resolution and with a terrific interface … much better than M-Connect from a user experience and data standpoint.  That’s what I’m doing with my Ifi streamer and how would consider using the Denafrips streamer.

That said, if you don’t use Room, it’s a bit limited .

I would be more interested in the entry level Innuos streamer than this however for all the reasons mentioned.


This is called the Banana approach to product development: deliver green and let mature with the client