Innuos is another great option. Mature platform , good support, hardware seems good.  I auditioned my DAC with an Innuos.    Seemed like a nice sounding stable platform


I agree, JPLAY app is very nice! I recommend this app to anyone owns a streamer with DLNA capabilities. The Qobuz integration within JPLAY is pretty sweet. 

After reading all the comments, I guess I am the black sheep of this forum. I would buy this streamer because I don't use a streaming service. I only stream my own music library. Already have a Lumin though.

@fuzztone  "No Tidal or Qobuz? What’s it stream, AM radio?"  LMAO

I don't get why this was released without Tidal or Spotify connect.  Guess I can forget about XM Radio which I play for background music quite a bit.

It seems insane to release a streamer that doesn't natively support streaming services.

100% agree. For a company like Denafrips to release it without such support seems incomparably boneheaded and/or greedy.