It’s first and foremost a Roon endpoint

@jackd That is the impression I got from viewing their video.

Alvin makes the limitations of the unit very clear multiple times in the video, so I do have to give him credit for that.  It seems like their target market is quite small for the amount of time, effort, and resources that have gone into this device.

Something else not mentioned so far is the requirement to have a hardwired connection to the unit.  I'm not sure how many people have their audio equipment sitting near an ethernet port or a computer.

@oddiofyl $1349 appears to be the price.

From the YT video definitely managing expectations and being transparent that this streamer isn’t for everyone - needing to be hardwired, no connect features yet for Spotify and Tidal. Maybe this will be the case of under promising and over delivering. I could see myself putting this unit paired with one of their DACs on my short list. But also hesitant since I don’t want to be a guinea pig since it seems like development is still in motion. Curious to see the reviews.

At that price they have their work cut out for them.    Thats a lot for something that has no affiliation with the top 2 streaming services.