Anyone compare Classe CA-M400 vs older CAM 350s ?

I am looking to upgrade to monoblocks with my Magnepan 20.1s from the Cal Audio 2500 MCA (1000w/4ohm in 2 ch mode).

Is there much difference between these monoblocks ?? I buy all used and obviously the 350s price is more atractive. Considering the Ayre V1xe used, but concerned about total power (obviously lusting for new MX-Rs or Classe Omega Omicrons, but too $$$)

My current pre is BelCanto Pre 6, but I eventually plan to upgrade to to Ayre K1xe or Audio Research Ref 2 and run all balanced.

Any thoughts welcome.

I have not compared them but I read a French magazine, that I trust for several reasons, that has. Their summary is that the CA-M400 was richer sounding and that the CAM350 was more exciting sounding. In the end, both got top ratings - something they don't give out readily. FWIW. They used B&W 804S speakers.

But I am familiar with this dichotomy. It is the yin and the yang of audio. Speedy, clear, fast or rich, silky, smooth? Both can have the same apparent detail, it is just a matter of different feel.

I personally would go for the CAM350. But those are my tastes talking.

I have owned the 350s for exactly one day. They drive my 10 day old Aerial Model 9s. FWIW, I am quite pleased. Relative to the Classe CAP 150 (a really teriffic integrated) that I have had for 10 years (and which powered the 9s for 9 days), the bass is far far superior. The soundstage is huge. While the 400 may be richer as a previous post indicated, the 350s sound pretty warm to me. IMHO, you can't go wrong w/Classe.
I have heard the Classe with Maggies before - both in well set up dealers room with CAM 200 and Maggie 3.6s and at a friends - it was similar to how you describe the 350s. I have not heard the new series though.

Personally I also like the look of the old design better anyway.

I use to own the 350s they sounded warm and lifeless at the same time.I would not chose these if you have a choice lots of good monos out there.