anyone compare Synergistic Tesla to Indra/Metacarb

I heard the Synergistic demo at the Hi-Fi show here in New York where they turned off the active sheilding. It made a big difference, but I thought without the sheild on it sounded pretty diffuse and not that great sounding.

I imagine that was one of their top cables. Certainly the raves I have been reading here show that Synergistic is onto something.

SO has anyone compared at least the IC's to Stealth Metacarbon or Indra?

I have one Metacarbon IC and it's astounding - at least in my system with has a laid back quality.
John- thanks for your response.

Your response in the Sistrum thread was very helpful as well.

However the money you saved me by not having to sell my Metacarbon for Tesla, you now cost me by having to have all sistrum stands!

Seriously though- thanks.

What other Stealth cables do you have?
Another cable to consider are the Jade Audio hybrid...I also love the stealth and use a full loom of their dream power cords and am also using the MLT speaker cables. I used to have Indra.
I have to disagree, I have had the Indra and prefer the Telsa, Apex, for it's darker background, and musicality. My system has NEVER sounded better, since I switched. Synergistic is really on to something here. I also have there latest Tesla PC, and compared to VD Genesis, amoungst, many other high end cords, and prefer the Tesla, there too. JMHO in MY system, with MY ears.
It's really interesting that so far after hearing both 711smillin prefers Telsa and John prefers the Stealth. That to me says both are valid and worthy designs.

I will have to wait till my new front end comes in a few weeks and then try and ngget to hear the Tesla as well as some balanced Metacarbons (I have unballanced right now)

The one thing I am really wresting with is for the cost of a pair of balanced IC's I can upgrade my early ATMAsphere amps to the latest version (or sell and buy new ones)

It just seems like I'd get a bigger bang for the buck going with a much new amp that has serious design refinements over getting a better signal to lesser amps.
for now
Ideally I'd like to do both, but after dropping serious cash on a new front end, I have to excersize some fiscal restrain, at least for now.