Anyone compare Zesto with Backert preamps?

I am looking for a tube preamp and starting to narrow down my short list for auditioning. I know there are many wonderful preamps out there in the $10k and under category but I am particularly interested in learning about how these two well respected lines in particular compare to one another (doesn't have to be a comparison of their flagship models). Thanks for any thoughts you may have.


I have high expectations for the Toolshed 205d preamp,  but I would be lying if I said I didn't miss the Leto.    It is a must audition piece , it's been on many best of lists .   

I owned it for about a year and honestly if I could have kept it I would have.  It is that good of a piece.    Selling it paid for a good chunk of my new build,  so I had to let common sense prevail. 

Good to know you had a very positive experience with the Zesto. It is high on my list. Sounds like you have not auditioned the toolshed pre before ordering it.

I think it depends largely on what type of sonics you are seeking.  I've read pro reviewers indicate that the Backert (particularly the Extreme) sounds close to solid state - very quick and handling transient well.  This may be what you're seeking, while the Zesto may appeal to those seeking more of a classic tube sound.

My Toolshed Amp exceeded my expectations.  It is a labor of love ,  execution and attention to detail is beyond reproach   

  The preamp is a collaboration between Matt and Gordon Rankin of Wavelength Audio.   I have no doubt it will be just aa awesome as the 300b