Anyone compared Merging+NADAC to other top dogs like Rockna, dcs, MSB etc.


I am looking at a deal for Merging+NADAC, which is a brand with a very solid reputation in Pro/Mastering world. It also has lots of very solid reviews from various reviewers (most of which are 4-5+ years old). So has anyone compared NADAC to other latest top dogs from Rockna, dcs, Bricasti, EMM, Lampizator, Playback Designs or even MSB or Aries Cerat.


I know all these brands have vary different flavors of the sound but since NADAC retails at $10K+, I am interested in knowing comparison to these established big brands from Audiophile world & how it differs from them in terms of the presentation, Strengths & weakness of each over merging.

If anyone had NADAC/NADAC Player in the past & moved to other brand is even more welcome as he will have comparison done in his own home setup.





I recommend an audition to anyone looking to spend north of $10K on a DAC. Reach out to Colin @gestalt for Merging in-home audition. IMHO, Merging truly excels in musicality, transparency and realism, especially if you own a high resolution system. And consider buying the +player, which eliminates the need for a external server or streamer instead of +NADAC.

PS: I used to own Rockna Signature Balanced and EMM Labs DA2.

@lalitk  Thanks for your response.


Since you have owned Rockna & EMM labs, can you provide more specifics regarding comparison between them & NADAC? You can use Musicality, transparency, realism as the pointers (where NADAC truly excels) to describe along with the others.

I don't have budget for Merging+Player, as a matter of fact I don't even have budget for new NADAC. Since I am getting the demo/display piece at almost 50% of the price for new, I am highly considering this deal.


Besides I am not able to audition this here in Mumbai (like many other brands & components), so it's going to be a blind purchase (which is fine as all my purchases in past are blind).

Talking about the high resolution system, I think Bakoon amp 13-R + SoundKaos Vox 3afw is high enough in resolution and overall performance for me to fully appreciate NADAC. Besides I am considering HeddPhone as headphone to be driven from Bakoon which is also a very high resolution & performance headphone (I have auditioned it for a week at my home).



Saurabh Ashtamkar