Anyone converted to refurbished Garrard from a good belt drive?

I am surprised redone garrard cost upwards to 20,000.   Looks gorgeous etc,but still..... the design seems vulnerable to noise.  If you spent that kind of money,why?  what are you getting besides maybe deeper bass?
and which company have you found does the great job?
and what tonearm and cart?   

and type of music?  classical, jazz?
I am surprised redone garrard cost upwards to 20,000.

$2000 - $4000 for a nice refurbished Garrard 301 without plinth (and without tonearm). 
OR you can find one for 350.00 - 750.00 USD (401 EU, 220 50hz), buy a few parts to convert to 110-120 (75.). The 60 hz top platter is best replaced by a good aftermarket. 300-2000.00. They very that much.

I found three (3) in England on 3 different occasion 350-750 each.. The best looking one was 350. usd too.. 

Find a nice plinth and tonearm. Jelco or SME will work perfect.. we are up to 1450.00 or so..WITHOUT the 60hz platter (you don't need it, it is for looks) Aftermarket is much better..

Take it apart, clean, inspect, replace parts as needed, lube and put it back together. Work the spindle bushing a bit.. Easy peasy..

I sold two of them less cart with a HEAVY plinth, aftermarket platter, tonearms and shipping for 3k each.. Both time they loved the units..

Pick your cart, $$$$.

Then there is the phono stage, $$$$.

Just so you know, if you want a BETTER, bigger, heavier, starting point go with true, broadcast/transcription TT. Russco, QRK, Sparta.  I keep 6-12 here all the time. I call the Garrard Killers... I keep a few Thorens here too. TD121 and 124s both are wonderful idler drive/ belt units. I think the best for noise..

LOOK at the Ruscos. They have a gear shifter, ok.. A GEAR SHIFTER..

SUPER HD Fairchild or EMT.. Great for doing tape recordings FROM, if you got the chops, and the Reel to Reel to record too..