Anyone dislike Ohm Walsh speakers?


I live in Southeast Asia in a country where there is no way to audition a pair of Ohm Walsh speakers. I'm looking to buy a pair of Ohm Walsh 2000's for music/home theater. 

I have seen rave reviews about the Ohm Walshs and like the idea of an omnidirectional speaker. But I'm hesitant since I would like this to be my "forever" pair of speakers and am paying $500 for shipping. Has anyone here heard a pair of Ohm Walshs and not liked them? Just trying to figure out my chances of making a purchase that I might regret. Thank you so much everyone!
That's a great title for a thread! I'm sure that you'll get some good advice here. There are a number of happy Ohm owners.
Read my review at of the Ohm Acoustics F5 in comparison to the Ohm Walsh Model F to gain insight as to the nature of the Walsh sound. 

I have seen rave reviews about the Ohm Walshs
Rave reviews also on
this list  could go on forever.....
Some folks still believe Vintage speakers sound  fantastic.
They really believe this. And you can not convince vintage is just that dated.
But then again, some vintage sound better than many modern high priced  speakers.