Anyone dislike Ohm Walsh speakers?


I live in Southeast Asia in a country where there is no way to audition a pair of Ohm Walsh speakers. I'm looking to buy a pair of Ohm Walsh 2000's for music/home theater. 

I have seen rave reviews about the Ohm Walshs and like the idea of an omnidirectional speaker. But I'm hesitant since I would like this to be my "forever" pair of speakers and am paying $500 for shipping. Has anyone here heard a pair of Ohm Walshs and not liked them? Just trying to figure out my chances of making a purchase that I might regret. Thank you so much everyone!
Ohm Walsh speakers have good price/performance, maybe a near bargain. But they’re Omni type means that they radiate the sound in all directions (horizontally) which has it’s advantages and disadvantages:

Don Lindich, who reports on products punching above their price points, advises they’re great price/performance speakers. IIRC they use older technologies but newer Omni tech will cost significantly more.
I have a pair of their Surround Micros hanging behind my Sofa.  Works great !
I have a pair of old Ohm model 2’s (equivalent to the current 2000’s). They are really easy to live with and generally make everything sound “nice” (smooths over bad recordings and the omni effect gives depth to the sound). They don’t have that etched glass resolution that most current higher end speakers have. Zero listening fatigue.
Worst thing I can say about them is that they love power. I would recommend around 150-200 watts per channel to get the most out of them. I use room correction and a sub with mine (mini dsp w/Dirac… Rythmik powered sub). They easily fill my 600 sq ft space to any volume level.

I have no skin in this game, but I always loved the F back in the day. I didn’t work for TechHiFi but against them…or I would certainly have gotten a pair!  The current Ohms are different in design than Fs, with batting on 90 degrees to make them at best “semi-omni” and less needful of placement away from the wall., emr.  MF, what relevance does stacked AR 3a’s have to this discussion?  Are all vintage speakers alike?  AM58, what model Ohm Xover were you disecting? 2000’s or some old sh**tbox from the 70s?  If 200s are in the OPs wheelhouse budgetarily, there aren’t many better choices he could make. A used pair of Revel F208s maybe, if he could find them might be equivalent. 
See, you go about this from an odd place. ALL speakers have their fans, so I tend to think more about the accuracy of the reproduced music.

Walsh speakers are not worse than or much better than many box speakers. They have their good points, and they are an interesting design point by someone who is trying to "move the bar" in a new direction.  I always support innovation regardless of the outcome.  You never reach your goals without some bumps in the road.

Unfortunately, Jim WIney kind of solved the accuracy issues back in the 1970’s, leaving boxes in the dust. This is not to say boxes are not good, just that they all distort in some way that Jim’s speakers do not.

So, if you like the Walsh sound, go for it. This whole hobby is about what YOU like IN YOUR ROOM.

Don’t let anyone tell you what YOU like, ever!